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What are RSS Feeds?

RSS is an XML-based (eXtensible Markup Language) format for content distribution that includes headlines, summaries and links. PR Newswire now offers an RSS feed or 'channel' for its main news feed. RDF stands for Resource Description Framework.

What is a News Reader?

An RSS Reader (also known as an RSS aggregator or News Reader) is a software or a web-based application which enables you to get the latest news headlines, in RSS format, delivered straight to you. Some RSS Readers also allow you to set up watches or filters so you only see the news you want to see.

How do I get an RSS Reader?

There are a wide range of RSS Readers available for most operating systems. Visitto find links to the most popular products.

How do I view PR Newswire RSS feeds?

You can view the raw feeds by clicking eachRSS.button. You can add a feed by clicking on one of the buttons to these readers: